Which Australian singer is your favourite?

What are your favourite Australian singers?

Aussie singer Pete Green has made a name for himself in the world of rock, with his hits including the smash hit, Pete’s Market, which hit No.2 in Australia in 2007.

He is the third-most successful Australian solo artist, with a total of 12 chart-topping singles in Australia, after Neil Young and Tom Jones.

But he also has a loyal following in the music industry.

The iconic pop star’s popularity has helped him build a business in which he is the main figurehead, which employs him as a manager, booking agent and record producer.

In 2014, he opened his own recording studio in Brisbane, where he has been recording music since 2008.

But he says he is now concentrating on his own music career.

“It’s about being my own man,” he said.

Pete Green, Peter Green and his record label, Peter’s Place, at his studio in the Brisbane suburb of Port Macquarie.

Peter Green and Peter’s record label have been at the centre of controversy in recent years, as they were accused of being in breach of contract after signing to the company in the early 2000s.

One of the alleged breaches was the signing of a contract to produce his own single, the title track of which was titled “Cherry”.

But the contract was never signed, and the company was found in breach.

It was revealed in a court of law that the contract included a clause in which the company had no legal obligation to pay Peter Green royalties, and that the song was a cover.

On Friday, Peter said the allegations were “sickening”, and that he had been told he could not sue Peter Green for breach of his contract.

However, Peter was still under investigation by the ABC for breach by breach of an agreement.

When asked if the case was going to result in a settlement, he said he had no plans to settle.