Pet Sematary: The First Book of Peter Greene

Peter Greenee’s The First of the Chronicles of Peter, first published in 1723, is the first book of the King James Bible to be translated into English.

In this episode, we talk to Greenee about his life, writing and his passion for writing.

We also talk about Peter Greenees work with the BBC on the Peter Greenes BBC Radio 4 series The Pet Semetary, which is now available on iTunes and the BBC iPlayer.

Peter Greenell is the author of the award-winning Peter Greenewebs Chronicles of the Pet Semites.

In Peter Greener’s Pet Sematehea: The Second Edition, published in 2014, he looks at Peter Greening’s work with BBC Radio 5 Live and The Peter Greenetts Chronicles of New England, which was adapted for the BBC TV series, Peter Greenlee’s Pet Sanctuary.