Peter Pan: A Retrospective

It’s the year 2061 and Peter Pan has returned.

Peter Pan is on the run from the evil villain Captain Hook and his gang of misfits.

His new mission is to find a way to stop the villain and save his world.

Peter Pan’s adventures are told in this exciting, fun and humorous adventure.

Peter and his friends, the Tin Men, have discovered that a young boy named Aladdin has the power to transform into the magical bird known as Peter Pan.

With the help of his sister, the wise and caring Tin Man Tin, Peter and his companions must find the magic bird and stop Hook and the pirates.

Peter’s adventures begin as a kid on the road with his friends.

He goes to the woods with his aunt, the beautiful Mrs. Mulan, and meets the beautiful princesses Princess Jasmine and Jasmine’s sister, Princess Jasmin.

The two young princes decide to join the pirate crew and fight against Hook and company.

Peter, the young prince, is a member of the crew.

Peter and the crew are called to save the world from evil.

Peter’s adventures, adventures that he loves to share with us, are the story of Peter Pan and the Pirate.

The book features over 90 pages of original illustrations by legendary illustrator Peter Pan, including a treasure map, adventure scene, the famous magic scene, and many more.

Peter, the Pirate, and his crew are back on the coast of England and Peter is ready to find his magic bird.

The Tin Men lead Peter through the forests and into the seas, where the magic tree is.

Peter is determined to find the magical tree, but his troubles start when he encounters the evil Captain Hook.

Hook’s crew captures Peter and Peter’s friends and takes them to a pirate ship.

There, they are taken to the pirate ship and locked up in cages.

When the pirates are ready to free Peter and friends, they take them to their master, Captain Hook, and take them away.

Peter must discover his magic tree before his friends can free him and the world.

Peter finds the magic trunk and when he touches it, he transforms into a giant bird.

Peter uses the power of his magic to save his friends and the whole world.

He then makes his way to his friends’ island, but before he can do that, he gets captured by Captain Hook himself.

Captain Hook captures Peter, his friends as well as a beautiful princess named Jasmine.

Captain Hand, the pirate who holds the power over the magic trees, captures Peter again.

Captain Hook and Hook’s pirate crew are now in possession of Peter’s magic trunk.

Hook and Captain Hook then kidnap Jasmine from the pirates, but she escapes.

Captain and the Tinmen rescue Jasmine, and the two heroes go on their quest to find Peter.

Peter is forced to join Hook and pirate crew in an adventure against Hook’s gang.

Peter learns to love and respect his friends again and his adventure is far from over.

Peter makes it back home safely.

When Peter and crew return to their home, Peter’s life is turned upside down and he finds himself in the middle of a battle with Captain Hook in his home town of London.

Peter tries to save Jasmine while fighting off the evil pirate captain.

Peter must fight off the pirates while his friends continue to try and free him.

Written by Next Big Entertainment