What Peter Otoo thinks about his pet portrait of Petey, the cat

Petey is a cat who’s not too big for the city, Peter Otole, the founder and CEO of PeteDogs, told Fortune in a phone interview this week.

The cat lives in a cage in his house and has been known to climb on the walls of his room.

The photo captures his cat and its owner, Otoles’ wife, who was able to get in touch with him after his cat died.

“I wanted to show the cat how much I love him and that we want him to have a home,” Otoels said.

Otolets wife, Tracey, was able take the photo with her phone.

“It was a really emotional time,” OTOles said.

“The cat had been around forever.

She was very happy to see him, and the cat was very excited to meet us.”

Petey was the second-tallest cat in the world when he was born in 1988.

OTOLE says that Petey’s owners have a special bond and have kept him in a crate, which is where the photo was taken.

“This is how Petey has always been,” Otoo said.

Petey will have to be confined in the cage for at least six months to prevent him from running away.

The owners have also made a video recording of their pet in case it runs away again.

“We’ve recorded a video of Petes owner so that he can be found,” Otoe said.