NFL teams will have the chance to make a deal with Pete Carroll’s pete Carroll

It was a moment that will go down in history.

On the eve of Super Bowl 50, Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks were in the process of signing their next head coach.

As the team prepared to depart, Carroll, with the assistance of Seahawks Vice President of Football Operations Troy Vincent, made a quick phone call to Seahawks owner Paul Allen and General Manager John Schneider, to make sure that their deal was done.

As you can imagine, the deal was going to be a little unorthodox, as Carroll was going against his team’s traditions of the past, like using a quarterback and running back.

It wasn’t an easy negotiation, and it was a little embarrassing.

But I knew I was making a huge mistake, and I had to change it.

The Seahawks had been a long time without a head coach, and the last thing I wanted was for me to be seen as a jerk.

And that was the biggest reason I had made this call.

I told them, ‘I want to make this deal happen.

And you know what, I want to do it because I want Pete to get the job.

I want you to take care of Pete and do the job.’

So I went through with it.

I told Pete, ‘You have the job now.

We will go through the draft and make sure Pete gets the job, and we’ll get rid of the other guys.

But we’re going to take the one we think is the best and we’re leaving the other ones alone.

That’s the plan.’

And that’s how the rest is written in the history books.

I can’t say enough about that, the amount of support I had from my team and the way we did it.

Pete got the job and we were all happy.

Pete was the most talented guy I’ve ever coached.

And I thought he’d be great.

And then he got the hell out of Seattle and ran away with it, too.

But it’s all the credit to the Seahawks organization for all the things they did for me, and all the fans for all that support, and for all of the things that I’ve learned and all of my experiences in the NFL.

So thanks to all of that support and thanks to the fans and the players for everything.

Pete has been one of the most amazing people I’ve coached against.

So I wish him well in the future.