China to open its first crematorium to house the pets of the dead

China has agreed to open the first cremation and burial ground for the pets and other pets in the country.

The facility, named Zhhu Zhu Pets, will be located at the city of Zhejiang in the north of the country, in an area known as the Dachui region.

The pet crematorium will open to the public in October and will have a capacity of around 150 animals.

The Chinese government will also set aside funds for the facility, according to a government statement.

The ZhhuZhu Pets facility will have around 80 crematoriums and burial grounds for the dead.

ZhuZhuhu is the name of the city in which the site will be built.

The ZhhuSichuan pet crematoria is a pet crematory located in the city district of Dachua.

“The ZhuhuZhu pet crematories will open for the public to take advantage of the special facilities provided for the pet and other animals at the Zhuhus, Dachuzians cremation sites,” the state-run China Daily newspaper said.

“A total of 40 crematorium and burial places for pets and humans will be created at the sites, which will be opened for the general public to use, including in the event of accidents.”

The facilities will be used to process the bodies of the deceased, which would be buried at the Duanjiin site, the state media reported.