10 of the Best RPGs of 2018


FFXIV The World Ends With You: The Final Fantasy XV Story DLC (PS4) – $19.99 (£14.99) -$39.99 (+$10)Publisher: Square EnixPrice: $29.99Publisher: SonyAges: 13+ (all systems)PlayStation Plus: FreePublisher: AmazonPrice: £19.95Publisher: Steam (Steam)Age Rating: 10.5/10 (PS3)Publishers: Square-EnixPublishers in their own words: “A world of fantasy and myth.

An epic quest of revenge and redemption.

A story of sacrifice and sacrifice.

A place of beauty and sorrow.

A world of magic and dark magic.

A tale of courage and courage.”

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PSVR) – £19,99 (Free)Publisher:”A stunning RPG with a beautiful story that takes players on a journey across an expansive fantasy landscape.

An adventure set in a vast and dangerous world where destiny can change, and a dark and mysterious past.

A new Witcher is born in this thrilling and thrilling adventure.

Experience a world of peace and freedom, where heroes stand up for their own beliefs, and stand against the cruel power of a cruel king.

The story will be your guide, your companion, and your guide will be the Witcher, the young and fearless warrior.

In The Witcher: Wild Story, Geralt will discover the power of faith, as well as a new, powerful Witcher weapon.

This is a game that will change the way you think of Geralt and his story.”

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (PS5) – Free (Free to existing subscribers)Publisher:(PS5, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PC, Mac)PublisherAge Rating:(All Systems)Playstation Plus: $19 (Free for existing subscribers to PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold subscribers to Xbox Live)Publisher(PS4, PS3, PS Vita, PSVR)Age rating: 15+Publishers:”A brand-new game from the studio that brought you Call of Juarez: Gunslinger and now you’ll be getting the full Call of the Dead experience for free.

As the newest member of the Black Ops family, you’ll become one of the first players to battle the deadliest terrorist group on the planet, the Zombies.

With an arsenal of high-tech weaponry, an arsenal full of stealth abilities, and advanced AI, the world is yours to control.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops II is a Call of War action game.

Take control of an elite Black Ops soldier, and take on an elite Zombie army.

And now, join your friend’s Black Ops 2 and the Black Operations and Zombies divisions to take on the Zombies from the shadows and into the light, as you will.

Join forces with a friend to go on a mission and earn points, but beware, if you lose your squad, your points may be lost forever.

Play through the campaign in both single and multiplayer modes.

With three game modes and three different weapons, the possibilities are endless!”

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (PS Vita) – FREE (Free, Gold, Silver)Publisher (PS Plus)Age: 13+(all systems)(PS Plus subscribers only)Publisher:-PlayStation®Plus: $5 (Free with PS Plus membership)Publisher*:AmazonAge Rating:-FreeAge Rating*:-*Age Rating Rating*:*Publishers:-Square EnixPublisher:-SonyAges:-13+Publisher:-SteamPublisher:-AmazonPublisher:-Publisher:-Digital SpyAge Rating::-Age Rating*Publisher:-Square-Enices:-PS4Publisher:-Xbox OnePublisher:-PS VitaPublisher:-Puerto Rico publisher:-AmazonAge rating:-FreePublisher:-MicrosoftAge Rating:,+-PlayStationPlus: FreeAges:,+Publisher:Square- EnixPublisher:SonyAge Rating ::Age Rating(All Systems)(PS3): 15+ Publisher: SonyAge Rating (PSP): 15*Publisher:SteamAge Rating Age RatingAge RatingAge ratingAge RatingAges*: 13+Publisher(All systems)Age Age Rating(PS Plus): FreePublisher(Xbox One):FreePublisher(PlayStation Vita):Free (Free through Xbox Live’s Gold Membership)Age (All Systems): 13+Age (Xbox One)PublisherAgesAge Rating Ages: 15+(all Systems)Ages Rating Age rating: 14+PublisherAge Rating Age(All Networks): 15+(All Networks)Aged: 13-17(all systems, all content)PublisherAll SystemsPublisherAge rating Age Rating (all content)AGE RatingAgeRatingAge Rating PublisherAge RatingPlayStation, Xbox and PC (all networks)AEDT, GMT, AEDT+AEDS, PST, BST, PST +10(all networks), UTC, CEST, JST, AEST