PETA bans Peter O’Toole from adoption after banning his adoptable pet from the hospital

PETA has banned Peter O, the star of the film Peta, from entering the hospital where his adopted pet chicken is being cared for.

Peter O, who stars in the film, is the pet chicken’s primary carer and was reportedly banned from entering Peter O’s hospital after being reported for using the chicken’s name and image.

The film is being filmed at Peter O & Sons pet hospital in West Hollywood, California.

O’Tool’s ban comes after PETA published an extensive list of people banned from the Hollywood animal shelter, which is currently under the control of the Animal Welfare Alliance.

A spokesperson for the Animal Care and Control League said that they were notified of the ban by the Hollywood Animal Shelter on Tuesday.

“The Animal Care & Control League will work with the Hollywood Shelter to resolve this issue as soon as possible,” the spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

In a statement on its website, PETA said: “Our members have a fundamental right to adopt animals, and this ban is the result of the Hollywood Humane Society’s ongoing efforts to discriminate against people and animals.

PETA believes that this action sends the wrong message to our members who choose to adopt a pet.

We are committed to ending the use of animals as living, breathing, breathing machines, and believe this ban sends the same message to those who choose not to adopt pets.”PETA has previously banned O’Brien from entering hospitals, where he had been filming his film, and from purchasing animal products, including a live chicken, from animal shelters.