Craigslist OKC pet heaven: ‘My cat was my only companion’

Pet paradise is an online community where users post photos of their cats and dogs and describe how they live.

It is where you can find people willing to sell their cats or dogs for money.

The listings feature pictures of the pets and the descriptions of how the animals looked, what kind of attention the pets got and how much they could afford.

Pet paradise isn’t for everyone.

But it’s popular and it’s easy to use.

And its popularity is expected to grow as the Internet becomes more widely available, experts say.

The online community, which started about five years ago, attracts thousands of pet owners from around the world who are looking for pets.

They post pictures of their pets on the forum.

Many of the owners have pets of their own.

Some are new to the pet community and are looking to share their pets.

But many others are veterans of the online pet community who are now looking for someone to adopt a pet.

“We had one guy come to us with a new cat and he had just moved to OKC from New York,” said Mike, who identified himself as Pete.

He said Pete was the only person he knew to sell his cat.

“He had a cat that was a total disaster.

It was a bit old and sickly and had no appetite,” Mike said.

“But he loved it.”

Mike and Pete said their cat was one of their first pets.

“I had been looking at cats all over the world, and I had always had a very small collection,” Mike told ABC News.

“I had a dog who was a very loyal dog, and this was one that I loved.”

Mike said he took the cat home and brought him into his house.

“We took it for a walk, and he just seemed very happy, but he was very lethargic,” Mike recalled.

“And he just was very quiet.”

Mike brought the cat back to Pete, who had never owned a cat.

“The next day, he came home and was completely fine,” Pete said.

Pete said his cat had never had a medical condition that made him so nervous.

“My cats, when they first arrived, had no idea what was going on,” Pete explained.

“They were very young, and there was no medical history, and we had no clue what was happening to them.”

Pet paradise was so popular, the owners had to hire an agent to post ads.

“It was crazy,” Pete admitted.

“My agent came up to me and said, ‘You know, Pete, I just thought that we should go out and advertise our pet paradise for people to find their cats.'”

Pete and his friends went out and advertised on the forums for the cat.

The cat had no trouble finding homes.

“Within a week, I had over 100 applications,” Pete told ABC news.

“That was pretty amazing.”

Mike says that after several weeks, he saw the same response to his advertisement.

“People from all over started to come in,” Mike noted.

“Then we started getting requests from people from across the country, from all different places.”

Mike is still working on finding a new home for his cat, and Pete has also taken in a new kitten, named Lizzie.

But Pete said he’s ready to retire.

“If we were to have another cat, it would be my baby,” Pete remarked.

“So I’ve had a couple cats, but my current cat is my only pet,” Mike added.

“He’s my only one now.”

Mike was able to adopt his cat for about $10,000, but Pete said that would only cover the vet bills and food.

“You have to feed your cat, he needs to be hydrated, he’s got to be cleaned, he has to be groomed,” Pete recalled.

“The cat has to come out of the cat carrier, he doesn’t have to sit in it,” Mike explained.

Pet paradise is a place where pet owners post pictures, descriptions and photos of how they have lived their cats.

The owners who post on the pet paradise boards do not necessarily have a pet themselves.

Many are friends of the owner, so they’re posting about how they spend time with their pets, Mike said, and how their pets have improved over the years.

The pet paradise forums are also used by people looking to sell pets.

“A lot of people do get in contact with people who are interested in selling their pets and are selling it to people,” Mike admitted.

But Mike said he didn’t have any money to pay the agent to advertise on the board.

Mike said the cat was sold at an auction in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“Somebody had a lot of money, and they wanted it,” Pete recounted.

“This guy came and sold it to somebody, and that was awesome.

The person who was selling it said he had bought it from