Former Gov. Peter Graves, wife charged in animal cruelty case

Former Govs Peter Graves and Mary Ann Graves, the couple who took the helm of the New Jersey Democratic Party in 2016, are each facing animal cruelty charges, according to a release by the State Attorney General’s office.

The former governor is accused of using an unregistered pit bull to attack and strangle an elderly neighbor’s dog in May 2018.

Mary Ann is accused on charges of causing a dog to suffer a broken leg and is charged with animal cruelty.

The former governor was arraigned on two counts of cruelty to animals on Monday.

He was released on $500,000 unsecured bail, but will remain in custody until his next court date, according the release.

The former mayor of Newark is accused in the animal cruelty charge of using a stun gun to stun and kill a cat in April 2018.

The mayor is scheduled to be arraigned in March 2019.

The New York State Assemblywoman is accused by the state attorney general of using the use of a stun-gun to kill a black labrador in October 2017.

She was arraigns on charges that she used a stun Gun to kill an African golden retriever in March 2018.

A former state assemblyman from Staten Island is accused for allegedly shooting an injured cat in July 2018.

He is also accused of animal cruelty and animal cruelty causing injury charges.

Former New Jersey Governor Maggie Hassan is charged by the Attorney General with animal abuse in May 2019 for allegedly using a mace to attack a neighbor’s cats.

She is scheduled for arraign in March 2020.

The Democratic gubernatorial candidate has not commented on the charges.