How to use Snapchat’s voice search to find and like pets

If you’ve ever wanted to search through the contents of a Snapchat photo and then like a cute animal, there’s a way to do that with a few simple commands.

In a recent feature video on Snapchat, the company’s VP of Product, Ben Hirsch, shows how to do it in just a few taps on the camera and microphone.

It’s a simple, but useful way to quickly discover and like a pet.

The video shows how you can search for and like an animal using Snapchat’s own voice search.

Hirsch explains how the voice search will work: Snapchat’s app lets you type in a keyword and then select a photo of that keyword.

The app will then show you the pet’s photo and a short description.

You can then click the “Like” button to “like” the photo.

Then you can add it to your snapbook, and you can also add a caption to the photo to let people know who the animal is.

The caption shows the name and contact information of the pet.

It also says the breed of the animal.

The only thing that’s missing from this video is a voice search function.

But the company has said that it will be adding a voice assistant for users this summer.