PETER JACKSON: I’ll take your advice on the next step

Petey Jackson has backed a call from his colleagues to make it illegal to give frogs in captivity the same affection as human pets.

Mr Jackson said it was time for the Government to change the law.

“We need to stop having to have these conversations and having to argue about how to do it, I just think we need to do something about it,” he said.

“I would like to see a new law that is a little bit more humane, I think that would be a good start.”

But I’m not saying it should be legal.

It’s just that I think we’ve got to start looking at that.

“The controversial frog experimentThe controversial Frog Prince experiment was revealed in January when a video of the frog was posted to social media by a farmer, who said he had a “toxic relationship” with his frog.

The frog was taken to the farm’s farmhouse, where he had the animal tied up to a fence post and a net placed around it, and then kept in the enclosure for six weeks.

He said he was concerned the frog would suffer.

He also posted a video to YouTube of the “Prince of Happiness” on his Facebook page, which had nearly 1 million views at the time.

The farmer told The Sunday Times he had tried several times to kill the frog, but was unsuccessful.”

He’s a very sweet frog, and he has a really great sense of humour,” Mr Jackson told the paper.”

So I just decided to take a chance on this frog.

“It’s a little dangerous, because you can kill it but you don’t want to kill it.”

If you’re doing it right, it’s a great pet, but if you’re not, I don’t know.

“They’re very important, but we should make sure we do the right thing.”

But Mr Jacksons comments were slammed by a number of animal rights activists, including Professor Paul Brookes from the University of New South Wales.

He told the frog “does not deserve the same respect as a human being”.

“It is not a frog.

It is a mammal,” he told the ABC.”

There are a few other species that are not considered pets.”

These are very unique and they’re not going to be considered pets by people who don’t live in those communities.

“Professor Brookes said Mr Jack’s comments were “highly irresponsible”.”

If we really want to protect animals, we need all of us to do our bit,” he explained.”

When it comes to humans, we have to recognise that they are different animals.

“In Australia, there are people who have a much more ethical and legal responsibility to protect the lives of animals than we do, and I don, as a Professor, think that’s a big responsibility.”

Professor Jacksson said he would not be making any more frogs.

“This is my personal decision, it is not mine to make,” he admitted.

“As a farmer I will not be putting them in cages with other animals.”

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