Peter Gunz is a real person, but that’s just how he thinks

Peter Guns, the actor who played Peter Gunzer in the hit Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black,” says his life has been a lot different from the life of the actor he played.

Gunz, now in his 70s, said he has spent the past 20 years focusing on his art.

He told ESPN that he has always been interested in performing, but when he began working on the TV series, he thought it would be a good way to broaden his career and get to work with some of the leading ladies of the genre.

Gunzes first TV role was in “Blue Bloods” as a former member of the LAPD’s homicide unit.

He appeared in a number of movies including “Sons of Anarchy,” “Criminal Minds,” “Dirty Jobs,” “House of Cards,” “Fargo,” “The West Wing,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Nashville,” “Mannix” and “Crimson Peak.”

Gunz has since played the roles of Walter, the lead detective on the NBC crime drama series “NYPD Blue,” on “Grey’s Anatomy” and on “NCIS” as well as “The Wire.”

Gunz was also a big fan of the “Orange” series.

He played a former police officer in the pilot and has since had several recurring roles in the series.

Guns first acting gig was in the TV show “Orange is the New Blood,” which he appeared in from 2003 to 2007.

He also appeared in the show “Bluebloods,” which aired from 2001 to 2003.

Gunz, who was in his 40s when he started, said that he was nervous about the role of Walter but the show was so good that he had no other choice.

He said he would like to direct more of his own shows and work with actors that he admired.

Gunzer said he was thrilled to be asked to do a TV show.

He has been working on it for 10 years and is very grateful for the opportunity.

Gunzers acting career also included roles in films such as “Lone Survivor” and his own movies, which included “The Rocketeer,” “Rambo” and the upcoming film “Dude.”

He said that his main focus on the show is to get the best possible performance.

Gunzy said he is now working on his next project, which will be a biopic of one of his favorite actors, Clint Eastwood.

Gunzy, who is also known for his role in “The Hangover” movies, will star as the lead in the film, which is expected to be released in 2019.