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Peter Cushes and his girlfriend have moved into a new apartment, but the couple still have a lot to do, according to their website.

The couple, who live in the 1500 block of Washington Avenue NW, wrote on their blog: We have been living in the D.C., DC area for about a year now, and have finally decided to move into a house in Arlington, VA.

Our house is located at 2910 Maryland Ave NE, and is only 2 blocks away from the VA Medical Center.

We will have a dog that we named Pete.

We are looking for a new place for him to stay.

Our main living space is upstairs in our bedroom.

We love the space, and are excited to move in.

We also love our new apartment in Arlington!

Peter Cushings and his new girlfriend have recently started taking care of a dog named Pete, and they have put up pictures of the new home on their new website.

Pete Davidson’s dog, the dog that was the source of her ex-husband’s arrest, died in 2009.

The family has moved into the house, and Davidson says they will now take care of the dog.

“We have a big dog and a little dog, and so we are not going to get Pete out anytime soon,” Davidson said.

“He is very gentle and loves us very much.

We have had Pete since he was a puppy.

He is very much loved and will always be in our hearts.”

They have two other dogs, a white dog named Jack, and a black dog named Darlene.

They are hoping to find someone who can take care for their other dogs.

“I am looking forward to taking Pete out of the house and making sure he is always with us and cared for,” Davidsons blog post said.