Dog dies at shelter after shelter says dog was not a threat

A dog died after being placed at a D.C. shelter for homeless people, the D.D.C., police department said.

The dog, named Peter King, was found dead Saturday at a shelter in the Dershowitz Park neighborhood on the Northwest Side, according to the D.,D.S., police and fire departments.

It was not immediately clear how the dog got into the shelter.

D.E.C.’s Animal Care and Control Division said in a statement that the dog was “found unattended at the shelter with a large dog” and a “broken collar.”

D.E.(Dreshowitz) Parks and Recreation Department spokeswoman Karen St. Louis said that the shelter was unable to say how the animal died.

The shelter was not responding to the animal’s death.

St. Louis told The Associated Press that a woman who lived at the home said her dog, called Pete, was unwell.

She said he was the only dog at the residence and had been barking since the morning.

The woman said she thought the dog had wandered off and wandered into the woods, where he was eventually found dead, she said.

She declined to give his name.

The D.O.C.(D.A.) said in the statement that it had received a report from the owner of the dog’s owner, but that it was not clear if the person was responsible for the death.

A statement from the shelter said the dog appeared to have been unwell and “had been in distress” for a few hours.

It said it was assisting the D.(D)D.D.(Downtown Dallas) shelter with “additional resources” to care for the dog and “secure its care,” according to its Facebook page.

It also thanked the D(D)M(Downtown Marshall) shelter, D(Metro Dallas) shelters, and the D[Metro]D(Metroplex) shelter for their help.