‘I wouldnt even say I have a dog’: The dog-loving, snake-loving woman who’s been featured on Vice

It’s been more than two years since the first video of the dog-lover and snake-hating wife of Vice’s newest host began to circulate.

Now, a new, exclusive photo of the former dog lover is making its way around the internet and she’s not afraid to share it with us.

She’s been a dog lover for 30 years and was the first one to appear on Vice’s hit reality series, Dog.

But it’s a love story that’s been shared more than a thousand times, from a recent Instagram post to a recent Vine, from an email to a phone call.

We caught up with Sarah, who still goes by the name Sarah and now works as a consultant for a private dog training company, to find out how her dog-slinging, dog-eating lifestyle has evolved over the years.VICE: How long have you been dog-lovers?

Sarah: I started my first dog training business in 1984.

I had a dog in 1988 and it became my life.

I’ve been a pet owner since.

I have three dogs and have a pet store on my property in Colorado, which I love, so I can’t imagine life without my dogs.VICE, When did you first realize your dog’s worth?

Sarah, I first learned about my pet’s worth when I was a child, and I was told my dog was worth something in the neighborhood of $15,000, which was really hard to believe for a 13-year-old.

I was really skeptical.

But my parents told me, “If you ever do a sale or sell your pet, your pet is going to go to a good home.

If you can get your dog to a loving home, it will make your life easier.

So don’t be afraid to go out there and try to get your pet to a happy home.”VICE: Can you explain what you do?

Sarah’s first job as a dog trainer was as a housekeeper at a nursing home, where she had to train her dogs to get out of the back yard.

She became a certified dog walker, and her dog’s name was Mr. Mooch.

I also have a professional dog, a four-legged companion, called Mr. Pooper.

I work with her for about a year and a half and have been doing training for about six months.VICE’s interview with Sarah began with a question about the importance of a well-mannered pet.

“I have a very well-balanced dog, but I have an animal that is not very well mannered.

I am trying to be a good husband, and my dog is always on my mind, which is a good thing.

He is very good with other people, and it’s good for him.

But I do have a problem with my dog.

He gets mad at me.

He would not let me take my dog out for walks.”VICE’s Jake Davis followed up with more questions about Sarah’s life and career, including her career as a professional poker player.

Sarah, who is now in her early 40s, grew up in a loving family, a former marine and a Marine Corps officer, and she has always had a passion for animals.

I started working as a vet when I moved from Oregon to New York City.

I worked in animal shelters in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx, and at the same time I had my own pet store.

My husband had to leave to serve in the Army, so it was a tough time for us.

I took a job in Manhattan as a security guard at the Bronx Zoo.

The next day, my dog came in with a large, orange baggie.

I went into the zoo and started putting treats in the bag and calling it the ‘Little Big Cat Bag.’

I have dogs, but my dog loves people.

I knew I had to get a job.

I did that in 1985, and that’s when I started doing dog training.VICE interviewed Sarah in 1996 and we followed up for a follow-up in 2006.

Sarah is a practicing veterinarian and has trained with dogs since her early 20s.VICE went to her home to talk to her about her life and her work.

Sarah told us, “My life has been a little different from my other career.

I feel like my life has changed and I am more successful now than I was.

I’m able to take advantage of things that other people have not been able to do, like being in a professional position.

My career is not over yet.”

Sarah’s dog is Mr. Moch, the only dog in the world who can be described as the smartest dog in existence.

Sarah and her husband own a small ranch near Colorado Springs.

Sarah said, “I have an office in my house and we have an entire private dog program, where we can train dogs that we have rescued.

The dogs are in very good homes, but it is