Why the dog was in a bad situation

The homeless man who died after being bitten by a dog in Santa Cruz has been identified as Peter Tosh.

Tosh was the owner of a dog that had been taken to the San Jose Humane Society, where veterinarians and volunteers tried to help the dog, according to officials.

The dog was euthanized after an hour and a half, officials said.

The animal had been reported to the Humane Society as aggressive and dangerous.

The shelter was not aware of any prior incidents involving the dog.

In the hours after the dog attacked the man, he was unresponsive, but he did have some medical issues and was taken to a hospital, according the Santa Cruz Animal Shelter.

A search of the area was conducted by San Jose police, who were also notified.

Officials said the man had no visible injuries.

The city of Santa Cruz and the Humane Societies San Jose did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The man was not identified by authorities.

He was not wearing a collar or leash and had no collar on him, officials have said.

The man was found wandering in the parking lot of the Santa Clara Veterinary Clinic, where he was receiving treatment for an aggressive cat.

The cat, a female, was taken by a rescue group, the Humane Services of Northern California said.

Officials with the Humane Organization of Northern Canada and the San Francisco-based Humane Society of Southern California did not return calls for comment, but a spokesperson said that a veterinarian at the shelter who treated the man is now assisting authorities in identifying the dog owner.

In December, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department released a photo of a homeless man, dressed in a blue shirt and shorts, lying on the street in San Diego.

He appeared to be suffering from a head injury and had been sleeping outside.

Police said the homeless man appeared to have a small dog in his care.

The dogs owner was not immediately identified.