‘I thought it was an ad’: Pet owner reveals why he sold his black cat

Posted April 02, 2018 04:23:50 An animal rights activist is upset the internet has been fooled by a Craigslist ad for a black cat that was advertised on the website.

The ad, titled ‘I Thought It was an Ad,’ features an image of a cat with its paw sticking out from its body and a message reading, “My cat wants you to know that she is an animal lover and loves animals.”

The owner, who has not been named, says she was not aware of the ad until she read about it online.

“I was just so shocked,” she told the ABC’s 7.30 program.

“It was just very disturbing, I didn’t know how it got through the internet.”‘

I thought the dog was going to bite me’The owner posted the photo on Facebook and wrote a message to the seller.

“My dog is not my cat.

It is a pet,” she said.”

He is not the same animal that he was when he was my baby.”

She said she was unable to explain how the ad was able to get through to the internet, but hopes other owners will be able to share their stories.

“The dogs and cats are very different animals, so there is no one perfect analogy,” she added.

“Maybe we can look at it as a way of giving people a chance to say that this is a different animal and that it does not have the same characteristics.”‘

There is nothing wrong with it’But the owner said she thought the ad looked too good to be true.

“There is no wrong with having a cat,” she wrote.

“But the people who are buying it are buying this for a pet.

They should understand that it is a human that they are buying.”

She says she hopes the story will help educate people about the ethical aspects of pet ownership.

“What this really does is bring attention to the fact that this cat does not want to be a pet, and she is not going to be, and that’s something that is really important,” she explained.

“People can be so naive that they think this cat is going to jump out and bite them, and they are not.”

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