Pet beds are so popular it’s almost costing you

The idea of a pet bed is becoming so popular that it is now costing Australians $2.50 to have one.

And there’s no shortage of options, with many available in a wide range of sizes.

Some of the best-known brands include Petite Bedding, Petite Bedsoft, Petbed, Petit Pet, Petting House and Petpet.

But what are the best pet beds for your home?

Read moreThe idea of having a pet has always been an integral part of the Australian lifestyle.

But there’s little question the trend is in the wrong direction.

The number of pet owners has fallen by almost 70% over the past 10 years and according to new research by the Australian Pet Products Association, more than one in five Australian households now own a pet.

The decline in pet ownership is also having a huge impact on the health of the pets themselves.

In Australia, more pets die every year than people do from diseases and the average lifespan of a dog or cat is just 24 years.

A study released last year by the National Health and Medical Research Council found that people who own a cat or dog have a 30% higher risk of developing arthritis and a 26% higher chance of developing dementia.

There’s no doubt that owning a pet can be a great way to relax and enjoy your pet’s company, but many owners are also finding that it can be very difficult to keep a pet healthy.

This has led some pet owners to resort to buying their pets from private owners.

While some pet stores offer free pet care, others are charging an upfront fee.

In the US, PetSmart, a national chain of pet stores, says that they offer free veterinary care, vaccinations and wellness care, but a $10 fee is applied for any additional services or procedures.

Some pet stores are offering free pet food, which they charge a flat rate of $5 per meal, but some stores like PetSmart charge a monthly fee of $3.50.

A number of retailers in Australia also charge a $15 monthly fee.

While this may seem reasonable, it’s not always possible to find pet food at a pet store, and the pet food companies themselves do not usually recommend this as it can lead to contamination.

One of the most popular pet food brands is PetitPet, which is made by the company PetSafe.

Its pet food is formulated for dogs and cats, and includes the company’s proprietary formula for cats and dogs.

According to PetSafe, it is 100% dog and cat safe.

In fact, its website says that “PetSafe has developed its own proprietary formula to meet the nutritional needs of pets.”

But some people who buy their pet food from PetSafe are not happy about it.

PetSafe, which claims to be 100% pet-safe, has been accused of misleading customers, according to a statement from PetSmart.

In a statement, the company said that “all pet food we sell is tested by independent laboratory in the USA for quality and safety.

PetSafe has a 100% guarantee against contamination.

We have not received any complaints from consumers who have purchased PetSafe food and it is our policy not to provide or promote any product which may be contaminated with animal products, including pet food.”

However, the Australian Consumer and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is investigating the allegations, and a spokesperson said that it will be reviewing the claims made by PetSafe on its website.

The Australian Pet Product Association (APPA) says that its members buy PetSafe pet food because they want the best product for their pet, and not because they think it is free.

“We don’t think it’s really about the cost of the product, and that’s what’s so attractive about PetSafe,” APPA spokesperson Natalie Brough said.

“People are looking for pet food that they can be proud of and be able to use.

They want to be able go to a store, not go to an online pet store.”

The APPA has also expressed concern that pet food manufacturers are selling products that are not safe for pets.

“It’s not just PetSafe that’s selling these products that they are not using the best ingredients, and those ingredients are not 100% safe,” Ms Brough told ABC News.

“PetSafe doesn’t have any kind of seal that says that these ingredients are safe for dogs.

They’re using a very, very poor quality of ingredients.”

However PetSafe’s founder, PetSafe CEO Peter Piper, said that the company had no plans to change the formula of its pet food.

“Our products are formulated to meet your pet needs, and we do offer pet food which is formulated to fit your needs, whether it’s a healthy pet food or a pet food for a more healthy pet,” Mr Piper said.

He added that PetSafe had developed its formula with the help of the FDA.

“The FDA has been very helpful to us,” he said.

The American Veterinary Medical