How to get a pet from Craigslist without paying $1,000

A pet shop owner from Phoenix says he was unable to find a buyer for his 10-week-old dog.

“The only thing that kept coming up in the ad was the cost,” Michael Maxey said.

“It was $1.7, which was ridiculous, so I said, ‘OK, I’ll pay that, but what do you need it for?'”

The dog, named “Pepper,” is the only dog in Maxey’s life that he doesn’t own.

He said he’d like to buy it for $1 million, but the ads on Craigslist are so high, he said, that it will be impossible.

“I’m very happy to pay $1million for him, but I can’t get him for $500,000, so that’s just the way it goes,” he said.

Maxey said he got the idea to sell the dog after finding a puppy on Craigslist that was just as adorable as the one he had.

“When I saw the picture, I said to myself, ‘Oh my god, it’s the same puppy, just slightly smaller,'” he said with a laugh.

“I was actually thinking about the fact that my son is in kindergarten, and I had no idea about this dog.

So, I thought, ‘Well, if I get the puppy, it’ll be easier for him to learn to read and understand the language.'”

Maxey’s son, a senior at Arizona State University, is the third child to be adopted by Maxey.

He adopted his first dog, a four-year-old Siberian husky, from a rescue group and was in love with the little dog from the moment he picked him up from the vet.

“He is the perfect puppy,” Maxey told The Hindu.

“He’s just so friendly and loves people, and he’s so friendly with his owners.”

The dog’s name, Pepper, comes from Maxey, who bought the pup in 2012 after learning about a puppy named Peppy who lives at a rescue center in Phoenix.

Maxey gave Peppy the name “Peppy” because he thought the pup would be a nice name for a dog.

Maxy also gave Peppys name to the two puppies he adopted.

Maxys son, however, was a few months younger than the puppy and his adoptive parents wanted to give the dog to Maxey because he’s younger than Peppy, he told The Hindustan Times.

“They said, we just don’t want Peppy to get hurt, and they wanted to buy Peppy for a certain amount, which is about $1k, so it was a lot less,” he told the newspaper.

“So I said ‘OK’.

It was a little bit of a shock for me, but now I’m so happy that I gave it to them.

I feel so blessed.”

Maxey had been searching for a good-natured puppy for about a year before finding a great deal on Peppies online, and decided to give him to the rescue group.

The rescue group is currently in the process of raising the dog for adoption.

Maxes son is now home with the foster parents, and the foster family has been very welcoming to the new dog.

Peppymates Adoption Center, the rescue organization Maxey is currently with, said in a statement that it is thrilled to welcome Peppypets new owner.

“Pepper is very happy, and has had a wonderful start at the adoption center, and we have had a great time with him and his foster family,” the statement read.

“We look forward to continuing to foster Peppipays foster family with Peppy.”

Pepper will be up for adoption in the coming months.

“Peppipates foster family are excited to welcome Pepper to the adoption of his new family,” said the statement.